The Vista. . . . . . !

torrleen Clancea



The archives consist at this point of:

  • THE APPLIED SPACE ARCHIVES (playlist link) -- Psychedelic, Electronic, Progressive, Neo-Modern, Wave, etc-- Circa 1982- Onwards !, and the MODERN MUSIC ARCHIVES (Psychedelic, Electronic, Progressive, Neo-Modern, Wave, etc)-KRAB 107.7 FM- Seattle, Washington Circa 1980-1984, Hosts: Frank Jenkins, Jay Follette

  • NEW (2001)(well, not any more!) -- Franklin is on again with Applied Space, along with his cohorts: Tad, Drew, Cully, Gina, Matt, Zarim, and others from time to time.....broadcasting every Wednesday 9pm-? PST on Shows are archived and can be heard with the link above...Playlists of the previous weeks show can be perused by clicking the "Applied Space" link above...

    **Also !!**
  • ARZACHEL'S DREAMING (Industrial, Gothic, Ambient, Noise etc)-Broadcasting live ! ...every Monday night out of The Vista Estates and also archived for your listening pleasures....9pm-?? PST on live

    OK Folks!-the net has exploded with a vast array of new shows to archive and display! More soon....The idea, eventually manifesting itself fully at this site with live streaming audio of the shows, is to make available 'now', the playlists of these various shows..... Serving as a sort of 'time-archive' of the cool music's available to us in these particular eras of the past; timeless, ethereal, strange, rythmic industro/ethnic sounds...for radio hosts, archivists and enjoyers of the musics of 'now', ... to find... and......contemplate....If you have any info about these particular shows, or know the whereabouts of any of the above hosts , or have info on other shows like these (or tapes of them!) Contact: the Franklin Archives List.....Evelyn !!! Where are you?

    ....have visited The Archives....