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March 3rd, 2004

With: Franklin and Cully

PINK FLOYD "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" from: Umma Gumma

THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS "Time Has Come Today" from: (same)

PINK FLOYD "A Saucerful Of Secrets" from: Umma Gumma

CAN "Tago Mago" from: Tago Mago

BINAR CODE "Anorexia" from: Neo Industrial Resistance

RETURN TO THE SOURCE "Padmasana" from: ZZZone 1

GONG "Magic Mother Invocation" from: You

THOSA "Age" from: Enrille


KLAUS SCHULZE "Moon Dawn" from: (same)

KRAFTWERK "Mystery Cut 442" from: ZZZone 1

APHEX TWIN "Polynomial" from: ZZZone 1

PORTER RICKS "Techno Animal" from: Polytoxic


COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH "Mystery 444" from: 1st LP

ENNIO MORRICONE "Mixed with: Porter Ricks, Tech Itch, De-Phaz" from: ZZZone 1

APHEX TWIN "X & L" from: Selected Ambient Works

SASHA "Bloodlock" from: Air Drawn Dagger

TECH ITCH "LED" from: Monopoly


AREA 51 "Crash Landing" from: Area 51 Comp

PRESSUREHED "Explaining the Unexplained" from: Area 51 Comp

HAWKWIND "Down Down" from: Space Ritual

LINK WREY "Shawnee" from:Apache the Wild Side


HOT ROD RALLY "54 Corvette" from: Rally

BLUE'S MAGOO'S "We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet" from: Electric Comic Book

THE JETSONS "Mr Spacely" from: The Jetson's On The Moon

AMON DUUL II "In The Glassgarden" from: Dance of the Lemmings

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET "She's About A Mover" from: Mendicino


THE ELECTRIC PRUNES "The Great Banana Hoax" from: Underground

THE PINK FAIRIES "Track One, Side Two / Thor" from: 1st LP

THE MONKEES "Side 1" from: Head

THE WHITE NOISE "Firebird" from: An Electric Storm

SILVER APPLES "Program" from: 1st LP

NEKTAR "???" from: Journey to the Center of the Eye

MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA "Resolution" from: Birds of Fire


EDGAR FROESE "Marubra Bay" from: Ypsilon in Malaysian Pale

CAN "Bellaire Suite" from: Future Days

AUDIOACTIVE AND LARAAGI "How Time Flies (When You're having Fun)" from: The Way Out Is The Way In

LOOP GURU "Yayli / " from: Amrita


DJ SPOOKY "Lots of it, as we fade slowly into dreamland" from: Songs of a Dead Dreamer

That's it for tonight!

February 25th, 2004

With: Franklin, Tad and Matt

APHRODITES CHILD "All The Seats Were Occupied" from: 666


ADRIAN WAGNER "Music Of The Spheres" from: Distances Between Us

KEVIN AYERS "The Confessions Of Dr. Dream (Suite--Parts 1-5)" from: The Confessions Of Dr. Dream


THE ASSOCIATES "Kitchen Person" from: EP

JACKIE LOMAX "Sour Milk Sea" from: Is This What You Want?

MASTERS APPRENTICES "The Answer Lies Beyond / Beneath The Sea" from: A Toast To Panama Red

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR "The White Hammer" from: The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other

DAVID LINDLEY "Make It On Time" from: Win This record

DEVO "Super Thing" from: New Traditionalists

EUGENE CHADBOURNE "Breaking The Law Every Day" from: Vermin Of The Blues

THE WHO "Who Are You" from: Who Are You

LED ZEPPELIN "The Rover" from: Physical Graffitti

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART "Tropical Hot Dog Night" from: Shiny Beast / Bat Chain Puller


BILL WATROUS "La Fuerza" from: Someplace Else

KING CRIMSON "Cirkus" from: Lizard

HAWKWIND "The Wizard Blew His Horn / Opa-Loka / The Demented man" from: Warrior On The Edge Of Time

GONG "Mystic Sister:Magic Brother" from: Magic Brother

AMON DUUL II "Wolf City / The Wind At The End Of The Street" from: Wolf City

THE FUGS "Virgin Forest" from: The Fugs

THE RED CRAYOLA "Hurricane Fighter Plane / Pink Stainless Tail" from: 'Epitaph For A Legend' Compilation

PINK FLOYD "Absolutely Curtains" from: 'La Vallee' Movie Sound Track


ERKIN KORAY "Istemem (Turkey-1970)" from: Asian Psychedelic Music

HNAS "Keine Kusse Und Keine Tomaten" from: As The Morning Comes

JOHN FAHEY "A Medley...." from: Johnny's Medley man

PINK FLOYD "Main Theme" from: 'More' Movie Sound Track

CAN "E.F.S. #3 (Ethnic Forgery Series) / The Empress And The Ukraine King" from: Limited Edition

JADE WARRIOR "Dark River" from: Last Autumn's Dream

CHRIS SQUIRE "Lucky Seven" from: Fish Out Of Water

GENTLE GIANT "Pentagruel's Nativity" from: Acquiring The Taste


SPIRIT "Elijah" from: 1st LP

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE "Silver & Gold" from: (Self Titled)

BRIAN ENO "Baby's On Fire" from: Here Come The Warm Jets

MAN "Prelude / The Storm" from: 1st LP

SCI-FI PARTY (THE COSMIC JOKERS) "Kinder Des Als / The Electronic Scene" from: Unser Flug Durch Die Kosmische Musik (Our Flight Through The Cosmic Music)

KLAUS SCHULZE "Neuronengesang" from: Cyborg

SWEDISH RADIO; The Philedelphia Orchestra - Leonard Bernstein Conducting "Ariana - An Epic of Space Flight From 2038 AD" from: Selections from 2001

OVAL "Excerpts from 23:16" from: Ovalprocess

TOMITA "A Night On Bald Mountain" from: Firebird

ARS "Una Giornata Particolere / Il Sagao Di F.F." from: La 1919

HATFIELD AND THE NORTH "Shaving Is Boring" from: 1st LP

KHAN "Space Shanty" from: Space Shanty


HOPPER, DEAN, TIPPETT AND GALLIVAN "Square Enough Fire" from: Cruel But Fair

BO HANSSON Time and Space / Waiting" from: Attic Thoughts

**Announce** - That's all for tonight...tune in next week !

February 18th, 2004

With: Franklin, Drew and Matt

EGG "A Visit to Newport Hospital" from: The Polite Force


GILGAMESH "One & More / Phil's Little Dance / World's Of Zin" from: 1st LP

TODD RUNDGREN "Miracle In The Bazaar" from: A Cappella

DITTO "Lockjaw" from: Thriller


COLD BLOOD "Sleeping" from: 1st LP

SHOCKABILLY "Born On The Bayou" from: EP

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND "The Floppy Boot Stomp" from: Shiny Beast/Bat Chain Puller

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART "Clear Spot" from: ...And The Magic Band

TANGERINE DREAM "London" from: Tyger

DAVID BOWIE "Golden Years" from: Station to Station

KINGS OF OBLIVION "Liquidy Headbox" from: Big Fish Popcorn

BLACK SABBATH "Cornucopia" from: Live at Last


TODD RUNDGREN "Blue Orpheus" from: A Cappella

SNAKEFINGER "There's No Justice In Life" from: Vestal Virgins

JON HASSELL "Hamburg" from: The Surgeon of the Night Sky Restores Dead Things by the Power of Sound


JEAN MICHEL JARRE "Rendez-Vouz" from: 1986

CURRENT 93 "Crystal" from: Harry Oldfield

OTOMO YOSHIHIDE "DT-2" from: Digital Tranquilizer

HAWKWIND "Spirit Of The Age" from: Quark, Strangeness and Charm

ELOY "Future City" from: Inside

PHIL MANZANERA "East Of Echo" from: Diamond Head


SOFT MACHINE "Pataphysical Introduction / A Concise British Alphabet / Hibou, Anenome and Bear " from: Volume II

OMNI "Omni Modo / Necropolis Pt II / Omni Homo Mendax / Omni Mea Mecum Porto" from: Omni

RICHARD PINHAUS "New York West Side" from: East - West

HAPPY THE MAN "New York Dream Suite" from: 1st LP


MARC WHEATON "The Box" from: 'Found Objects' Compilation

DAVID BYRNE "Two Soldiers / The Red House" from: The Catherine Wheel

DAVID BYRNE "Admiral Perry" from: Music For The Knee Plays

THE TALKING HEADS "Memories Can't Wait" from: Fear of Music

TODD RUNDGREN "Mighty Love" from: A Cappella

RENAISSANCE "Sounds of the Sea / Can You Understand?" from: In The Beginning


GENESIS "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" from: Selling England By The Pound

GURU GURU "The Girl From Hirschhorn" from: Dance of the Flames

DAVID BYRNE "In The Future" from: Knee Plays

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART "Electricity" from: Safe As Milk

DAVID BYRNE "Theadora Is Dozing" from: Knee Plays

FRANK ZAPPA AND THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION "Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny" from: We're Only In It For The Money

FAUST "Why Don't You Eat Carrots" from: Clear X-Ray

DAVID CROSBY "Music Is Love" from: 1st Solo LP

THE DOORS "Love Street / Not To Touch The Earth" from: Waiting For The Sun

THE ROLLING STONES "The Citadel / In Another Land" from: Their Satanic Majesties Request

PINK FLOYD "The Narrow Way" from: Umma Gumma

PETER BAUMANN "Bicentennial Present / Romance" from: Romance 76

**Announce** ...and that's all folks!

February 11th, 2004

With: Franklin, Zarim, Tad and Mike from the Czech Republic

***Due to an inadvertant cabling error, there is no mic voice-over announcing the cuts !!! Drat !!! You'll hear the volume fade down for a bit during the ghostly silent voice-overs....

KRAFTWERK "Antenna / Radio Star" from: Radioactivity


PATRICK VIAN "R & B Degenerit" from: Bruits Et Temps Analogues

RIECHMANN WUNDERBAR "Himmelblau" from: Sky Records '77-'78

DAVID SYLVIAN "Plight" from: Plight & Premonition

CAN "Dizzy Dizzy" from: Cannibilism 1

YMO "Ballet" from: BGM

LAIBACH "Satanic Versus" from: WAT

LAIBACH "Boji" from: Resolucija


ENO, MOEBIUS, RODELIUS, PLANK "The Belldog" from: Begegnungen

FAUST "Relavou" from: Clear X-Ray

SIMEK & GROSSMAN "'Laughs...'" from: Czech Comedy

PORCUPINE TREE "Voyage 34, Phase 1" from: Delerium Years '91-'97

LIFE ELSEWHERE "Figure 21" from: Edit at 33 RPM

GEORGE HARRISON "Excerpt from Side 1" from: Electronic Music


AMON DUUL II "Bitterling's War" from: This is Amon Duul

HELDON "Marie Et Virginie C" from: Live

KLUSTER "Klopfzeichen" from: (same)

THIS HEAT "Horizontal Hold" from: Made Available - The John Peel Sessions

HARMONIA "Sehr Kosmisek" from: Musik Von Harmonia

YMO "Day Tripper" from: XOO Multiplies

WOLFGANG REICHMANN "Dreams" from: Wolfgang Reichmann and Streetmark

FARFLUNG "Visions of Infinity" from: Brain Storm

VELVET UNDERGROUND "Sister Ray" from: White Light, White Heat

GONG "UFO" from: Comp

JOHN GODBERT "Entertaining the Noble Dead" from: 1st LP

Zarim and Tad are at it again, with hours more music and no playlist info!!! Yea to them !!! Real informative, ya know?

February 4th, 2004

With: Franklin and Carrie

KRAFTWELT "Deranged (Zero Gravity 1.0 Mix) / Deranged (Kinderatom Destranged Mix) / The Path (German Kraft Mix) / Deranged (Coercion Mix)" from: Deranged In Space


SARJU MIX "A Lotta Kutz" from: Downtempo JoJo

BABY MAMMOTH "3" from: New York City

AIR "Three" from: Run

LOU REED "Walk On The Wild Side" from: Transformer

LIQUID SUNSET "Myster" from: Super Boy Oh Boy

THIEVERY CORPORATION "Number 9 / 10" from: Abductions and Reconstructions

LIQUID CHILL "Drie" from: Private Road


NO FUTURO "Uno / Duo" from: Hmmmmm

LIQUID CHILL "Number Nine" from: ep

SPRITUAL HIGH "Duos" from: Private Road

K & D REGGAE "Zeben" from: Who No Mahn


VOICE OF EYE "Transmission" from: Mariner Sonique

AREA 51 INTRO "Intro Cut" from: Area 51 - Crash Landing Side

PRESSUREHED "Explaining The Unexplained" from: Craz Hlandink

YAMO "Guiding Ray" from: Roswell

KRAFTWERK "Endless Endless" from: Trans Europe Express

HELDON "Virgin Swedish Blues" from: Heldon IV

M FROG "Relax Goliath" from: Labatt

STOMU YAMASHTA "Wind Words" from: Freedom Is Frightening


PHAUSS "Radiator (For Aminita Muscaria and Mark McCloud)" from: Hoffman

BELT "Under the Sunset" from: Albert

ELLIOT SHARP "inSERGEncy" from: Lysergo

HARVEY BAINBRIDGE "The Voyage - In the Wake Of Passing Clouds" from: 25


HAWKWIND "Space Dust" from: Electric Tepee

68000 "Disillusion" from: 50 Years of Sunshine

SATELLITE IV "In A Sugarcube" from: comp

HYPERDELIC "Dosed" from: LSD

DROME "Bipolar Trip" from: Mix 667

STEEL PORN RHINO "On LSD" from: Holy Noise

MOEBIUS AND PLANK "News" from: Rastakraut Pasta

DRAIN "Playground Twist / Burma Slowdive / Return to Rosedale" from: 1st LP

MICHAEL REDOLPHI "From Here To Eternity" from: Solo 5

ANDROID LUST "Cruelty / Spine" from: Mix 5332

CAN "One More Night" from: Ege Bamyasi


KLAUS SCHULZE "Winds of Change" from: Black Dance

December 10th, 2003

With: Franklin & Tad

TANGERINE DREAM "Sequent C / Phaedra" from: Phaedra


VOICE OF EYE "Transmission" from: Mariner Sonique

BEAVER AND KRAUSE "Spaced / So Long As The Waters Flow" from: In A Wild Sanctuary

JON HASSELL "Hamburg" from: The Surgeon Of The Night Sky Restores Dead Things Through The Power Of Sound


JEFF GREINKE AND ROB ANGUS "Sand Creatures" from: Crossing Nigoli

DICK HYMAN "The Minotour" from: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman

MANUAL GOTTSCHING "Ruhige Nervositat / Gema Bigter Aufbruch / ...Und Mittelspiel / Ansatz" from: E2-E4

RHYTHM & NOISE "Last Vestige" from: Chasms Accord


KLEG "Part Two" from: Eating and Sleeping #15

ZOVIET FRANCE "Wajis / Angelus / Neptune" from: Eostre

OVAL "Track's 7, 8 ,9" from: Ovalcommers


ASPECTS OF PHYSICS "Level 4.2" from: 1st Release


BRIAN ENO "The Great Pretender" from: Taking Tigar Mountain By Strategy


PULSAR "Le Cheval Du Sylogie" from: Pollen

MOUSE ON MARS "Rompatroullie" from: Instrumentals

DUNWICH "L' Avorio Di Irene / Il Bosco Sacro / Mystery Bonus Track" from: Eternal Eclipse of Frost

O YUKI CONJUGATE "Aura / Anima / Odomankoma" from: Primitive

THISTLE "Circle Star / Leaves Caught In My Hair" from: 1st Release - On Ventricle Records

TORN CURTAIN "Daymare" from: 1st Release

INTROVERSION "Regenerator" from: 1st Release (Ben Ireland of SKY CRIES MARY)

Another show ends, back in the next few weeks!

November 26th, 2003

With: Franklin & Tad


LAB REPORT "Tectonic Plate Shift / Another Psychosis" from: Excision

RALPH LUNDSTEN "Mizar" from: Feel It

MARC BARRECA "Music From the Grey Lands / Industrial Landscape" from: Twilight


SUB DUB "Dance Hall Malfunction" from: Incursions In Illbient

OMNI "Omni Modo / Necropolis" from: 1st LP

CHRISTOPH HEEMAN "Side A" from: Uber Mit Umgong Mit Umgebung Und Andere Versuche

EARLE MANKEY "Crazy" from: Mau Mau

MAGMA "Nebuhr Gudahtt / Mekanik Kommandoh" from: Mekanik Destruktiv Kommandoh

AMM "Combinet Laminates / Side B" from: Combinet Laminates - Live at the Arts Club, Chicago May 25th 1984


APHRODITES CHILD "The Four Horsemen / The Lamb" from: 666

TYNDALL "Windig" from: Sonnenlicht

BRIAN ENO "Baby's On Fire" from: Here Come The Warm Jets

JIMI HENDRIX "Hey Baby" from: Rainbow Bridge


JOHN ABERCROMBIE "Timeless" from: Solo - with Jon Hammer and Jack DeJohnette

FRANK ZAPPA "Waka Jawaka" from: Hot Rats

JEAN MICHELLE JARRE "Oxygen Pt 1" from: Oxygen

DAMON EDGE "I'm A Gentleman" from: Alliance

NEU! "Super" from: Neu! 2

HAWKWIND "Master of the Universe / Welcome to the Future" from: Space Ritual

HNAS "Einst Kommt Die Nacht / Eine Gutgeschmuckte" from: Face to Face Vol II

ROYAL TRUX "Theme From M*A*S*H" from: Singles Live Unreleased

AMON DUUL II "Lucifer's Gholim / Henriette Krotenschwarz" from: Phallus Dei


DAVID VORHAUS "Concerto For Synthesizer, Movement III" from: White Noise II

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART "Space Age Couple / The Clouds Are Full Of Wine / Flash Gordon's Ape" from: Lick My Decals Off Baby

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART "Who Do You Think You're Fooling?" from: Diddy Wah Diddy

ENOCH LIGHTS AND THE LIGHT BRIGADE "Scarborough Fair / Marrakesh Express" from: Permissive Polyphonics

COOK LABS "Jungle Birds, Dream Talk, Giant Baby, Giant Tears" from: Cook's Tour of High Fidelity

COVEN "Satanic Mass" from: Witchcraft

SCREWY TV "Let's Make A Feel" from: 1st LP


AMON DUUL II "Improvisation" from: Live In London

MIMAR "???" from: ???

BLACK OAK ARKANSAS "Lord Have Mercy On My Soul" from: 1st LP


SANDY NELSON "All Around The World With Dreams" from: 1st LP

SYNTONIC RESEARCH "Be-In (A Psychacoustic Experience)" from: Environments 3

BONZO DOG BAND "Rawlinson End" from: Let's Make Up And Be Friendly

NEW WORLD ELECTRONIC CHAMBER ENSEMBLE "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / Lady Madonna" from: Switched On Beatles

THE SEEDS "Two Fingers Pointing At You" from: Future

CLUSTER & ENO "One / Fur Luise" from: (Self-Titled)

LINN COUNTY "Lower Lemons" from: (Self Titled)

BASEMENT 5 "Paranoia Claustraphobia" from: Last White Christmas

THE PRETTY THINGS "Sickle Clowns" from: Parachute

THE SHOTGUNS "Shotgun" from: Prae-Kraut Pandemonium #9

NEU! "Fur Immer" from: Neu! 2

THE SENATORS "Psychedelic Senate" from: Soundtrack to the Movie: Wild In The Streets

DUCK FLOWERS "Wicked Chicken" from: The Big Itch Vol. 6

ROKY ERIKSON "Excerpts Interview with Roky on KSAN 4/1/78" from: Epitaph For A Legend

SPADES "You're Gonna Miss Me" from: Epitaph For A Legend

CHARLIE WHITE EAGLE "Get Off Of My Cloud" from: The Big Itch Vol 6

NURSE WITH WOUND "Side 3" from: Soliloquy For Lilith

Sheeeesh! Another Extravaganza is Over!!! Hope You Enjoyed! See Ya'll in Two Weeks!

November 12th, 2003

With Franklin and Zarim


BARDO POND "Tantric Porno" from: Aminita

CLUSTER "Fatschi Tong" from: Zuckerzeit

DEUTSCH NEPAL "Energy not Orgasm" from: Deflagration of Hell

FAUST "It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl" from: So Far

EGG "I Will Be Absorbed" from: Egg

ARMAGEDDEN "Paths and Plains and Future Gains" from: 1st LP w/ Keith Relf of the Yardbirds

CAPTAIN BEYOND "Dancing Madly Backwards on a Sea of Air" from: 1st LP w/ members of Iron Butterfly

MAHOGANY RUSH "Strange Universe" from: 1st LP

SCAR TISSUE "Destination Unknown" from: ep


SRC "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from: Milestones

SOFT MACHINE W/ SYD BARRETT "Esther's Nosejob" from: Live March 1970


PINK FLOYD "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" from: A Saucerful of Secrets

KLAUS SCHULZE, PETE NAMLOOK, BILL LASWELL "3 Pipers at the Gates of Dawn" from: Dark Side of the Moog III

ASH RA TEMPEL & KLAUSE SCHULZE "Ooze Away" from: Mix 782b

GYORGI LIGETTI "Jupiter and Beyond" from: Early Guru's of Electronic Music

ADRIAN WAGNER and ROBERT CALVERT (Hawkwind) "Steppenwolf" from: Mystery

HUGH HOPPER "Hopportunity Box / Mini-Luv" from: Hopportunity Box

**Announce - Into Zarim's cuts**

CLEARLIGHT "Streetsinger" from: 1st LP

MICHAEL YONKERS "Micro Minature Love" from: 7" EP- 1968

SILVER APPLES "Love Fingers" from: 1st LP

SOFT MACHINE "Have You Ever Been Green" from: Volume II

CHROME "You've Been Duplicated" from: Half Machine Lip Moves


HARMONIUM "Notre Dame" from: Deluxe

NEU! "Weissensie" from: 1st LP

ED SANDERS (The Fugs) "Yodeling Robot" from: Beer Cans on the Moon

DAVID MELLOR "Satanic Light" from: The Days of the Moon

PIERRE HENRY "Psyche Rock" from: Mass for Today


J BENDER "Plaster" from: Plaster Falling

DOME "Here We Go" from: Dome III

SUN CITY GIRLS "???" from: Live @ The Rainbow, Seattle 5/9/01

BLURT "Grave Split" from: Abstract Audio 6 Comp.

LUCIFER (Mort Garsen) "Black Mass" from: Black Mass

SPK "In Flagranto Delicto" from: Songs of the Byzantine Flower

CLUSTER "Live in der Fabric" from: Cluster II

**Announce - back into Franklin's Cuts**

THE BUDDHAHEAD "Zenopolai Mix 1,2" from: Z

AUTECHRE "Lowrider" from: Heads Compilation. Vol I

CAN "Bellaire Suite" from: Future Days

CAN "One More Night" from: Ege Bamyasi


McKENDRIE SPRING "God Bless the Conspiracy" from: III

LADY JUNE'S LINGUISTIC LEPROSY "Everything is Nothing / Tunion" from: Linguistic Leprosy

ASH RA "77, Slightly Delayed" from: Blackouts

IF "Waterfall" from: 1st LP

LIDA HUSIK "The March From Mars" from: Your Bag

THE FLYING LIZARDS "The Flood" from: 1st LP

CAN "Come Sta La Luna" from: Soon Over Babaluma

STOMU YAMASHTA'S EAST WEST "Rolling Nuns" from: Freedom Is Frightening



AGITATION FREE "You Play For Us Today?" from: Malesch

AMON DUUL II "The Chamsin Soundtrack" from: Dance of the Lemmings


DAVID ROSENBOOM "Time Arroyo / Desert Night Touchdown" from: Future Travels

THE SONIC VIBRATIONS OF TOM DISSEVELT AND KID BALTAN "Sonic Re-Entry / Orbit Aurora" from: Song of the Second Moon

STOMU YAMASHTA "Xingu" from: Come to the Edge


SUNTREADOR "From the Region of Capricorn" from: Zin-Zin

**A Long Show Has Come To The End - Hope Ya'll Enjoyed!"

October 29th, 2003

CATHARSIS "Ballade des Pendus / En Revenant de la Noce / Mignonne Allens Ver" from: Illuminations Vol 4

HELDON "Virgin Swedish Blues" from: Heldon IV

AREA CODE 615 "The Devil Weed and Me" from: A Trip in the Country

CAN "Unfinished" from: Landed


RALPH LUNDSTEN "The Neck and the Maid Brought Down / In the Land of Long Ago / Dance of the Golden Wings to the Ring of Bellflowers" from: Stromkarlen - Nordisc Naturesymphony Vol 1

KLAUS SCHULZE "Stardancer II" from: Body Love II


MATTHEW YOUNG "The Forest of Lilacs" from: Recurring Dreams

EDGAR FROESE "os452 / af765" from: Macula Transfer

GILGAMESH "We Are All-Someone Elses Food / Jamo & Other Boating Disasters, from the Holiday of the Same Name" from: 1st LP


CLUSTER "Breitengrad" from: Grosseswasser

WALLENSTEIN "Lunetic" from: The World of Krautrock Anthology

RICCARDO SINIGAGLIA "Sezioni" from: Riflessi

MACROMASSA "Darlia Microtonia I" from: White Chocolate Singles Collection Vol 1


KLAUS KRUGER "Disziplin" from: One is One

DICK HYMAN "Topless Dancers of Corfu" from: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman

GRAEME REVELL "Invaders of the Heart" from: The Insect Musicians

CRANIOCLAST "Breakthrough" from: A Con Cristal

ZOVIET FRANCE "Bien Poops" from: Mohnomishe

DAVID TIBET & STEVE STAPLETON "The Dead Side of the Moon" from: Octopus


THE LEA RIDERS GROUP "Dom Kellar Os Mods" from: Pebbles Vol. 3

SIMPLY SAUCER "Dance the Mutation / Illegal Bodies" from: Cyborg Revisited

SOM IMAGINARIO "Super God" from: Love, Peace and Poetry - Latin American Psychedelic Music

THE DEVIANTS "The Nothing Man" from: Ptooff!

LUCIFER (Mort Garson) "The Ride of Aida / Black Mass" from: Black Mass


THE ROLLING STONES "Gomper / 2,000 Light Years from Home" from: Her Satanic Majesties Request

RPM "2,000" from: RPM

BO HANSSON "The Grey Havens" from: Lord of the Rings

KERRI LEIMER "Gun Court / Cockpit" from: The Land of Look Behind

JADE WARRIOR "Waves Part 1" from: Waves


October 8th, 2003

*** This extremely long 6 1/2 hour show, features the eclectic additions of Zarim and John in the last three and a half hours....unfortunately, they developed a serious writing block in the last hour and a half or so and the cuts are indeed a mystery to us all.....but still cool....enjoy!

CAN "Sing Swan Song / One More Night" from: Ege Bamyasi


HAWKWIND "Lord of Light / Down Through the Night / Time We Left This World Today / The Watcher" from: DOREMI FASO LATIDO

HARMONIUM "Walky Talky" from: Deluxe


PATRICK VIAN "R & B Degenerit" from: Bruits et Temps Analogue

VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR "Aerosol Grey Machine / Black Smoke Yen / The Aquarians" from: 1st LP

SYD BARRETT "Baby Lemonade" from: Barrett

GONG "Blue's for Findlay" from: Continental Circus

THE PRETTY THINGS "Baron Saturday / The Journey / I See You / Well of Destiny" from: S.F. Sorrow

GROUP 1850 "Paradise Now / Friday I'm Free" from: Paradise Now


AMON DUUL II "Restless Skylight Transistor Child" from: Dance of the Lemmings

FAUST "1 1/2" from: The Faust Tapes

HIM "Elementals" from: Many In High Places Are Not Well

HELDON "Zind / Back to Heldon" from: Electronique Gorilla

THISTLE "Circle Star / Leaves Caught in My Hair" from: Thistle

MISTRESS OF STRANDS "In The Park" from: 1st CD

DREAM RADIATION "Obsidian / Dream in Amber" from: 1st CD


MINUS INFINITY "The Old Castle / Realm of the Spectre" from: 1st CD

THE VOICE OF EYE "Transmission / Strange Attractor" from: Mariner Sonique


d-FORM (Zenas Prime) "1-2" from: What Are You Thinking?

CHRIS CARTER "Arcadia" from: Small Moon

CELESTIAL MAGUS "Master Of Time" from: 1st CD

CATHARSIS "Mignonne Allons Voir / Le Canard Hanc" from: Illuminations Vol. 4

RICHARD PINHAUS "Indicatif Radio/The Last Kings of Thule" from: Iceland

MARC BARRECA "Commerce and Industry / School of Whales" from: Twilight


***** Into Zarim and John's efforts...!!!

HARMONIUM "Trace / Banteay Srey" from: '76 (with Brian Eno)

STEPHAN MATHIEW "1" from: Summer

F.S. BLUMM "Abgebildet" from: Aukeen

STEPHAN MATHIEW "2" from: Summer

O.S.T. "Semiste" from: (same)

VOX POPULI "Le Nenuphare" from: Aither

T.F.U.L. (Thinking Fellers Union Local 282) "The Soilk / Smutchy" from: Porcelain Entertainments Soundtrack LP

YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS "N.I.T.A." from: Colossal Youth

BERNARD SZAJNER "Execute" from: Some Deaths Take Forever

SYSTEM "Please" from: (same)

DUB TRACTOR "Leaning" from: More or Less Mono

SYSTEM "SK-20" from: (same)

WUNDER "Shall Have Wings" from: Only Album

LOW RES "Veneer" from: Blue Ramon

WUNDER "Lookout For Yourself" from: Only Album

TAKAGI MASAKATSU "Eating" from: Fore

LA 1919 "Gli Eroi Del Lavoro" from: Auf Dem Nil

LA PERVERSITA "5'...ET" from: Quelque De Bonheur SCOPA

RIECHMAN WUNDERBAR "Weltweit" from: 1st LP

LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE "Milkweed Love / You Don't Need To Be Lonely" from: Presenting...

400 ZONELY "??" from: ??

GENESIS P ORRIDGE "??" from:??

BONBONEK QUALK "??" from:??


Now we enter the MYSTERY HOUR AND A HALF.....Hmmmmm...Zarim? John? Any Ideas?


TEAR GARDEN "??" from: Tired Eyes Slowly Burning


TANGERINE DREAM "Alpha Centauri" from: Alpha Centauri

And that's all folks, Franklin--signing off....

September 10th, 2003

*** NOTE ! Beyond our greetings at the beginning of the show, there are no voiceovers announcing the cuts, due to a microphone malfunction.....our apologies ! You'll notice the moments as a drop down of volume or silence for some seconds.....Franklin

KRAFTWERK "Ruckzack" from: 1st LP

BERNARD SZAJNER "Ouverture" from: Superficial Music

MATCHING MOLE "Gloria Gloom (w/ Brain Eno) / God Song / Flora Fidget" from: Little Red Record

SOFT MACHINE "The Soft Weed Factor" from: 6

STOMU YAMASHTA "Wind Words" from: Freedom Is Frightening


JADE WARRIOR "Barazinbar" from: Released

HARVEY MANDELL "Peruvian Flake" from:

NIK POTTER & GUY EVANS "Indian" from: The Long Hello

KRAFTWERK "Antenna" from: Radioactivity


CAN "The Empress and the Ukraine King" from: Limited Edition

MICHAEL GARRISON "For You and Me" from: Eclipse

TASAVALEN PRESIDENTTI "Last Quarters" from: Lambert Land

BARRE PHILLIPS "Mountainscapes V" from: Mountainscapes

EGG "A Visit To Newport Hospital" from: Egg


VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR "Lemmings / Theme One" from: Pawn Hearts

PHIL MANZANERA "East of Echo" from: Diamond Head

ROXY MUSIC "The Bogus Man" from: For Your Pleasure

PINK FLOYD "Main Theme" from: "More" movie soundtrack

SUNTREADOR "From the Region of Capricorn" from: Zin-Zin

NEU "Hallo Gallo" from: Neu


GURU GURU "Ooga Booga" from: Kanguru

AMON DUUL II "Sandoz in the Rain" from: Yeti

KLAUS SCHULTZ "Some Velvet Phasing" from: Mindphaser

June 18th, 2003

RPM "2,000" from: RPM

BO HANSSON "The Sun (Parallel or 90)" from: The Magician's Hat

ROBERT CALVERT "Ragnarok" from: Lucky Leif and the Longships

MATCHING MOLE "Starting in the Middle of the Day, We Can Drink Our Politics Away / Nan's True Hole / Righteous Rhumba" from: Little Red Record

CEVIN KEY "Wind on Small Paws" from: Music for Cats

CURVED AIR "Over and Above" from: Phantasmagoria


CAN "The Empress and the Ukraine King" from: Limited Edition

HUGH HOPPER "Hoppertunity Box / Mini-Luv" from: Hoppertunity Box

THE PINK FLOYD "Astronomy Domine" from: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

CELESTIAL MAGUS "Master of Time" from: Celestial Magus

EDGAR FROESE "NGC 891" from: Aqua

MARC BARRECA "Commerce and Industry" from: Twilight


MOUSE ON MARS "Rompatroullie" from: Instrumentals

KERRI LEIMER "Water Music" from: Imposed Order

KLAUS SCHULZE "Ebene-Gewitter (Energy Rise-Energy Collapse)" from: Irrlight

SECTION 25 "Looking from a Hilltop" from: Music from the Hip

PHAROAH SANDERS "Thembi" from: Mix 495

COIL "Nasa-Arab" from: Stolen and Contaminated Songs


CLUSTER "Im Suden" from: Cluster II

AMON TOBIN "Wires and Snakes" from: Bricolage

BERNARD HERRMANN "The Day the Earth Stood Still" from: The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann

LOUIS & BEBE BARRON "The Landing" from: Music from the Soundtrack to "Forbidden Planet"

EDGAR VARESE "Poem Electronique" from: Early Guru's of Electroinic Music VOL II

DYZAN "Khali" from: Electric Silence

RICHARD PINHAUS "A Piece for Duncan" from: Rhizosphere

JOE BYRD AND THE FIELD HIPPIES "Kalyani" from: The American Metaphysical Circus


TRANS-MILLENIA CONSORT "Symphonic Industry" from: Plot Zero

JUNE 4TH, 2003

PULSAR "Pulsar/Appaisement" from: Pollen

STOMU YAMASHTA "Xingu" from: Close to the Edge

GILGAMESH "Yeah!" from: One and Edge

THE PINK FLOYD "Fingol's Cave" from: Oreana

KLAUS SCHULZE "Some Velvet Phasing" from: Blackdance

JOE BYRD AND THE FIELD HIPPIES "Kalyani" from: The American Metaphysical Circus

DJ SPOOKY "Medley" from: Songs for a Dead Dreamer

BO HANNSON "The Old Forest" from: Lord of the Rings

OMNI "Omni-mundo" from: Omni

DJ SPOOKY "Medley" from: Songs for a Dead Dreamer

It's been an interesting evening indeed! A fair amount of mystery towards the end!

MAY 21ST, 2003


INTERVAL "Sight Read" from: Interval

QUIET SUN "Sol Caliente" from: Mainstream

THE PINK FAIRIES "Where Does The Fun Begin?" from: Kings of Oblivion

THE PINK FLOYD "Heart Beat-Pig Meat" from: "Zabrisky Point" movie soundtrack

THE PRETTY THINGS "Private Sorrow" from: S.F. Sorrow


EUPHONDESON "3rd's" from: The Red Disc


MINUS INFINITY "Grail" from: Ventricle Records Release

GILLIS ZEITSCHIFF "Tim Bleibt Bei Uns" from: A Cosmic Jokers/Ash Ra Tempel side project

NEUROSHIMA "Be A Believer" from: 1st Release

MLADA FRONTA "ag107.9" from:fe2O3

H3LLB3NT "Sensual Eventual" from: Helium

AMON TOBIN "4-Ton Mantis (Banabo Mix)" from: 4-Ton mantis

CEVIN KEY "Frozen Sky" from: The Ghost of Each Room

HAWKIND "Hassan El Saba" from: Quark, Strangeness and Charm

LOVE IS COLDER THAN DEATH "Sex and Horror" from: Tengmouth

FURNITURE "Dancing the Hard Bargain" from: 1st LP

ARZACHEL "Queen Street Gang" from: Metempsychosis

DEATH IN VEGAS "Rekkit" from: Dead Elvis

YAMO "Guiding Ray (Space Journey to FFFF Towns)" from: Area 51 Anthology

HAWKWIND "Earth Calling" from: Crash Landing

THIEVERY CORPORATION "Il Grande Silencio" from: Moriconi Re-Mix


ALIN ASKIN "Un Bacio" from: Moriconi Re-Mix

DOME "Cruel When Complete" from: Dome 1

HAWKWIND "Space Is Deep" from: DoReMeFaSoLaTiDo

HALDOLIUM "Heliotropin" from: H2 Trance

REIN SANCTION "Deeper Road" from: Mariposa

BAUHAUS "Terror Couple Kills Colonel" from: 4 AD

JOY DIVISION "Incubation" from: Live at the YMCA

NEUTRONIC "One's and Zero's" from: Last Years Product

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS "Go Ask Alice" from: Asylum

THE LOVING SPOONFUL "Grey Prison Blues" from: "What's Up Tigar Lily" film soundtrack

ERIC BURDON "Spill the Wine" from: ...Declares War

CAN "Quantum Physics" from: Soon Over Babaluma


SCORN "Silver Rain Fell" from: Evanescence

CODEC "Snake Charmer" from: Coronal Mass Ejection Anthology

SONIC YOUTH "She Is Not Alone" from: Mix 8

EXMAL DEUTCHLAND "Nachtschatten" from: Tocsin

MIRANDA SEX GARDEN "Sunshine" from: Suspiria

SECTION 25 "Beneath the Blade" from: Looking from a Hilltop

MIRANDA SEX GARDEN "Wheel" from: Fairy Tales of Slavery

That's All For a few weeks--more sounds!!!

APRIL 24TH, 2003

TUU "Mesh" from: Mesh

RECORDING IS AN ART "T-244" from: Recording is an Art

MOEBIUS AND PLANK "News" from: Rastakraut Pasta

M FROG "Relax Goliath" from: Labatt

RALPH LUNDSTEN "Mizar" from: Feel It

TONES ON TAIL "When Your Smiling" from: Situation 2

RICHARD HAYMAN "Goin' Out of My Mind" from: Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine

CHROME "Static Gravity" from: Red Exposure

CHRIS AND COSEY "Useless Information" from: Heart Beat

QUIET SUN "Trot" from: Mainstream


THE COOL CATS "Machines" from: The Exploiting Plastic Inevitable Compilation

DER PLAN "Adrenilin Laast Das Blut Kochen" from: Geri Reig

GRAEME REVELLE "Ebony Tower" from: Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles

CABARET VOLTAIRE "Invocation" from: Eight Crepuscula Tracks

NEGATIVLAND "Theme from a Big 10-8 Place" from: A Big 10-8 Place

CABARET VOLTAIRE "Expect Nothing" from: Mix-Up

CAN "One More Saturday Night" from: Ege Bamyasi


JON HASSELL "Aka Darbari Java" from: Aka Darbari Java

KLAUS SCHULZE "Conphara" from: Cyborg

SAVOY "Arrival" from: Floarea Dorului

O YUKI CONJUGATE "E Tribal" from: Burn Out Of Dreams Compilation

SNAKEFINGER "The Picture Makers VS The Children of the Sea" from: Greener Pastures

CAPTAIN LOCKHEED AND THE STARFIGHTERS (ROBERT CALVERT of HAWKWIND) "Board Meeting / The Song of the Gremlin" from: Import Records July '77 Sampler

GURU GURU "Ooga Booga Spezial" from: Guru Guru Live

THE ELECTRIC FLAG "Fine Jung Thing" from: The Trip Soundtrack

T.C. ATLANTIC "Faces" from: Pebbles Volume 3


VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR "Black Smoke Yen / Aquarius" from: The Soft Grey Aerosol Machine

EGG "Fugue in D Minor" from: Egg

GYORGI LIGETI "The Lunar Landscape" from: Early Guru's of Electronic Music

HOLGER CZUKAY "The Boatwoman Song" from: Early Guru's of Electronic Music

FRANCISCO "Beam-Pt 1" from: The Cosmic Beam Experience

HOCICO "Odio En El Alma" from: Mix 82

SCAR TISSUE "Destination Unknown" from: Mix 191

SCORN "Six Hours One Week" from: Gyral

FRANK DOMMERT "Uwverschmuschupt" from: Kiefermusik

STUDIO FUR ELEKTRONISCHE MUSIK "The Tam Tam Tape / Isn't It Strange in the Cage?" from: Elektronische Musik

AGENBITE OF INWIT "Gastrointesticlones Googleplex 500" from: The Guilleteenagers EP

KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN "Es Und Aufwarts" from: Es Und Aufwarts

THE JOY POPPERS "Bosco the Geek" from: Through a Dark Sea Gliding - from The Galactic Dossier Comp #5

CAROLINER REAR END HERNIA PUPPET SHOW "Mud Cup Monocle" from: Rainbow Hernia Milkqueen

FEAR OF THOUGHT "Helen Lane" from: Born Out Of Dreams

GARY KAIL/ZURICH 1916 "Life is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself / Interconnected Amplifier Feedback Loop Piece #2, Sections B&D" from: Creative Nihilism

LESSER "Adios, Amen" from: Mix 553

THROBBING GRISTLE "Live at Southampton" from: 2nd Annual Report

OVAL "Polygon Medpack 2.0" from: DOK

P16D4 "Virtuell Augsmerzt" from: Tionchor

DONALD MILLER "Deploration" from: Little Treatise on Morals


SMEGMA "Forest Fire in Your Left Elbow" from: Smell the Remains

HNAS "Mutter Von Kunst Versteh Ich Einen Dreck / Lottogluck Unt" from: Kuttel Im Frost

DDAA "Raham Margarine" from: Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles

NURSE WITH WOUND "Lea Tantaria / Great God-Father Nieces" from: The Music of Adolph Wolfi

FAUST "Krautrock" from: Faust IV

DOME "AR-GU" from: Dome 3

TONTO'S EXPANDING HEADBAND "Timewhys" from: Tonto's Expanding Headband

NEU "Hero" from: Neu '75


BO HANSSON "Time and Space / Waiting" from: Attic Thoughts

Hope You Enjoyed! That's All For Now.......................

MARCH 26TH, 2003

Tad didn't announce his cut's--or maybe he did! It's a mystery!

BO HANSSON "Rabbit Music" from: Attic Thoughts

ART BEARS "The Summer Wheel" from: Winter Songs

SENSATIONS FIX "Nuclear War In Your Brain / Music in Painting in the Air" from: Fragments of Light

MICHAEL KAROLI & SOFORTKONTAKT "Triole" from: Through a Dark Sea Gliding - from The Galactic Dossier Comp #5

HAWKWIND "Magnu" from: 7"

BRUCE HAACK "Cherubic Hymn / Program Me" from: The Electric Lucifer


AMON DUUL II "The Chamsin Soundtrack (The Marilyn Monroe Memorial Church)" from: Dance of the Lemmings

EGG "Boilk" from: The Polite Force

THE WHITE NOISE "The Visitation" from: An Electric Storm

GURU GURU "Elektrolurch" from: Guru Guru *Live*

OZ KNOZZ "Doodly Squat #2" from: Ruff Mix

SUNLINERS "Well One" from: Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz

ROBERT CALVERT "Ground Control to Pilot / Ejection" from: Import Label july '77 Sampler

TANGERINE DREAM "Wahn" from: Atem

HNAS "Keine Kusse und Keine Tomaten" from: Als Der Morgan Kahn, Wares, Als Sei Ner Eine Nacht Vergangen

GALACTIC SUPERMARKET "Galactic Supermarket" from: (same)

GOBLIN "Deep Shadows" from: Profundo Rosso Soundtrack

ANIMA "Meeting in the Studio" from: Anima

MUSIC IMPROVISATION COMPANY "Untitled #2" from: Music Improvisation Company

A BLIND DOG STARES "Troller Tanz" from: Thru the Fence 12"

TONY LUISI & JOE RENZETTI "Sparks" from: Electric Tommy

RECORDING IS AN ART "Guitar" from: Recording is an Art

AMON DUUL II "Apocolyptic Bore" from: Vive La Trance

IRMIN SCHMIDT "Endstation Freiheit" from: Filmmusik

PETER HAMMILL "Birthday Special" from: Nadir's Big Chance

CABARET VOLTAIRE "Sly Doubt" from: Red Mecca

KONSTRUKTIVITS "White Design I" from: Glennascaul

NO NECK BLUES BAND "???" from: Ass Run

NURSE WITH WOUND "Ag Canadh" from: Man With The Woman Face

ANDY PARTRIDGE "Work Away Tokyo Day" from: Lure of the Salvage

THIS HEAT "Rimp Romp Ramp" from: Made Available

MIRROR "Ringstones" from: Ringstones

HAFLER TRIO "Inherant Aggression" from: Bang An Open Letter

DER PLAN "Und Dan...." from: Fette Jahre

S.B.O.T.H.I. & SELEKTION "Screening II" from: Sebothi and Selektion

SMALL ROCKS "Clod Hopper" from: Carbondating

P.I.L "Annalisa" from: Public Image

SMALL ROCKS "Buzzard Pumps Caves-Up" from: Carbondating

RECORDING IS AN ART "Beki Parhem" from: Recording is an Art

NEU ! "Sonder Ongebot" from: Neu !

TIM BLAKE "Lighthouse" from: Blake's New Jerusalem

SQUAREPUSHER "Freeway" from: Selection Sixteen

Thas' All Folks !!!!

MARCH 12TH, 2003

THE SHOCKING BLUE "Acka Ragh" from: 1st LP

HAWKWIND "Hurry on Sundown" from: 1st LP

ARMAGEDDEN "Paths and Plains and Future Gains" from: (same) - featuring Keith Relf

CURVED AIR "Young Mother" from: 2nd Album

THE LIVERPOOL FIVE "Picadilly Line" from: Out of Sight

AMON DUUL II "Restless Skylight Transister Child" from: Dance of the Lemmings


JORGAN INGMANN "Apache (Jan '61)" from: Rock Instrumental Classics Vol. II Comp.

SYD BARRETT "Baby Lemonade" from: Barrett

JIMI HENDRIX "Hush Now" from: Hornets Nest

THE GUESS WHO "Shakin' All Over" from: 1st LP

CREAM "SWLABR" from: Disraeli Gears

RICHARD AND THE YOUNG LIONS "Open up your Door" from: 7"

MAN OR ASTROMAN "Interstellar Harddrive" from: EEVIAC: Operational index and reference guide including other modern computational devices

THE PRETTY THINGS "The Journey / I See You / Well of Destiny" from: S.F.Sorrow

BURT KAEMPFERT "Caravan" from: ...Love That!

RPM "2,000" from: 2,000

MAN "Prelude/The Storm" from: 1st LP


COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH "Section 43" from: Electric Music for the Mind and Body

BERNIE GREEN "Kiss of Fire" from: Futura

ENNIO MORRICONE "Fistfull of Dollars / Harmonica Man" from: Soundtrack to...

QUIET SUN "Sol Caliente" from: Mainstream

PRESSUREHED "Explaining the Unexplained" from: Crash Landing

SCORN "Light Trap" from: Evanescence

RAYMOND SCOTT "General Motors: Futorama!" from: Manhatten Research and New Plastic Souls

PAULINE OLIVEROS "I of IV--Electronic Abstractions" from: Electronic Music


SUNTREADOR "From the Region of Capricorn" from: Zin Zin

EDGAR FROESE "NGC 891" from: Aqua

TOMITA "The Engulfed Cathedral" from: Snowflakes are Dancing

FRANK ZAPPA "Rubber Shirt (Patrick O'Hearn Bass Solo)" from: Sheik Your Bootee

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. "The Invaders" from: Soundtrack to....(Hugo Montenagro)

THE AMBOY DUKES "Journey to the Center of Your Mind" from: 1st LP (w/ a very young Ted Nugent!)

RAYMOND SCOTT "Autolite Stayfull / Lightworks" from: Manhatten Project 16

THE SONICS "The Witch" from: KJR's All American Hits

THE PINK FAIRIES "Uncle Harry's Last Freakout" from: Never Never Land


CAN "Future Days" from: Future Days

DJ SASHA "Blood Lock" from: Airdrawndagger


THE SWIRLIES "In Harmony Retrograde" from: EP

CABARET VOLTAIRE "Invocation" from: EP

ATTRITION "A Girl Called Harmony" from: A Tricky Business

JUNO REACTOR "God is God" from: God is God

H3LLB3NT "Sensual Eventual" from: Helium

MINISTRY "Scarecrow" from: Psalm 69

THE CRYSTAL METHOD "Busy Child" from: Nosehole

KEVIN AYERS "Decadence" from: Bananamoon

SUCTION "Special Moments" from: 1st LP (Featuring Mr Cully Ewing on Bass & Loops)

THE RED CRAYOLA "Pink Stainless Tail" from: w/ The Familiar Ugly

RASPUTINA "Transylvanian Concubine" from: Three Lil' Nothins

PIERREPOINT "Alive" from: Deleted Tracks from Earth

AMON TOBIN "Sultan Drops" from: Permutation


BOARDS OF CANADA "See Ya Later" from: Hi Scores

CABLE DELUXX "Stargazer (Warped Sun mix of Suixie and the Banshee's)" from: EP

GLEN BRANCA "Sacred Field" from: Symphony #2 The Peak of the Sacred


...and That's All Folk's!!!


COIL "Nasa Arab" from: Stolen and Contaminated Songs

MLADA FRONTA "w183.9" from: fe2o3

NEUTRONIC "One's and Zero's" from: Last Years Product

PINK FLOYD "Heart Beat - Pig Meat" from: Soundtrack to the Movie 'Zabrisky Point'

THE ROLLING STONES "2,000 Light Years from Home" from: Her Satanic Majesties Request

JON HASSELL "Before and After Charm" from: Early Guru's of Electronic Music


GYORGI LIGETI "Jupiter and Beyond" from: EP

EDGAR FROESE "Aqua" from: Aqua

EINZELGANGER "Einzelganger" from: 1st LP

(back into...) EDGAR FROESE "Aqua" from: Aqua

KRAFTWERK "Introtuning" from: Live '75 - Nashville, Tennessee

GOBLIN "Suspiria" from: 1st LP

MIMIR "2" from: Custom CD 433


KRAFTWERK "Tanz Musik" from: Autendung

NEU "After 8" from: Neu '75

PYROLATOR "Ein Vehractsmann Kant in die Dirco / Eleto ein Dirco" from: EP

CHROME "Nova Feedback" from: Alien Soundtracks

THE ROLLING STONES "Citadel" from: Her Satanic Majesties Request

CHROME "Slip it to the Zombies" from: Alien Soundtracks

MUSIC FROM CAMBODIA - 1972 "Doia tai Doa" from: Underground Mil 88

CABARET VOLTAIRE "Veolii" from: Mix-Up

TAD'S MYSTERY CUT !!! "Hmmmmm" from: ???

**Announcements by Tad....listen closely....**

MAGMA "Haia!" from: 1st LP

YET MORE MYSTERY CUT'S VIA TAD...YEAH !!! "Please Don't You Go" from: 70's Psych

TONTO'S EXPANDING HEAD BAND "Jetsex" from: Zero Time

AHHHH...EVEN MORE MYSTERY.....OH....YEAH.... !!! "Variations 772" from: Zartchuoso

GURU GURU "Dagobert Duck's 100th Birthday" from: Dance of the Flames

DER PLAN> "Ich Bin Ein Komputer" from: Wat's Dat?

SQUAREPUSHER "Kill Robot" from: ??

ZINT "Barsoto" from: Farhgestveit


CANDY "Ascension of Virginity" from: Soundtrack of the Movie

MYSTERIOSIS 797...ONWARDS !!!" from Tad "Perplexitie" from: Mix 522

MYSTERIOSIS 442...AD ASTRA !!!" yes... Tad "Variation" from: Mix 14

THE RESIDENTS "Diskomo" from: Diskomo

YEAH....MORE MYSTERY "The Dark Part" from: Flanger GILLES ZEITSCHIFF "The Swiss Highlands" from: (same)

NURSE WITH WOUND "Nil by Mouth" from: Alas, The Madonna Does Not Function

SRC "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from: Milestones

HAWKWIND "Magnu" from: 7"

CAN "One More Night" from: Ege Bamyasi

RICHARD PINHAUS "West Side" from: East West

FURNITURE "Dancing the Hard Bargain" from: 7"

EGG "The Story of McGillicudde the Pussilanimus" from: The First Egg LP

CURVED AIR "Over and Above" from: The 2nd Album

THE MUFFINS "The Monkey with the Golden Eyes" from: Manna Mirage

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS "City of Needles" from: Shadow Weaver

EBN "Electronic Behavior Control System" from: Mix CD

BASS BIN TWINS "Side 1, Cut 2" from: EP

HALDOLIUM "After All" from: The Serduwak


SUB-DUB "Killa Instinkt" from: Incursions Into Illbient

CRASH WORSHIP "Catatonic Dance" from: Asesinos

PIERREPOINT "Pulsing Red Light / Judis" from: Pulsing Red Light

CEX AND KID 606 "5" from: ...are Terrible Musicians

LESSER AND KID 606 "Hydrophycyclic" from: Split Compact Disc

TUU "Mesh" from: Mesh

AGENBITE OF INWIT "Snoopy's Fungal Delight" from: Dis-associate Digestion


VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR "Octopus" from: The Aerosol Grey Machine

LA 1919 "Ars Sia" from: Self Titled LP

YELLO "Homer Hossa" from: Claro Que Si

MARC BARRECA "Commerce and Industry" from: Twilight

CLUSTER AND ENO "One" from: Self Titled LP


CLEAR LIGHT "They Who Have Nothing" from: 1st LP

BAUHAUS "Terror Couple Kill Colonel" from: 4AD EP

THE HUMAN LEAGUE "Circus of Death" from: Mutant Pop Compilation

BENE GESSERIT "You Can Dance It" from: Driving Me Backwards Compilation

THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND "The Half Remarkable Question" from: Wee Tam

CABARET VOLTAIRE "Obsession" from: The Voice of America



THE FUGS "Whimpers from the Jello" from: It Crawled Into my Hands, Honest

ROBERT RICH "Sanctuary" from: Dry Lungs II Compilation

THE LEMON PIPERS "Green Tamborine" from: (same)

THE SOFT MACHINE "The British Alphabet Pts I & II" from: Vol II

COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH "Section 43" from: Electric Music for The Mind and Body

CAN "I'm So Green" from: Ege Bamyasi

GEORGE HARRISON "Ski-ing Duration / Gat Kirwani Duration / Dream Scene Duration" from: Wonderwall film Soundtrack

BRIAN ENO "Mother Whale Eyeless" from: Taking Tigar Mountain By Strategy


STEVE FISK "Woodstock" from: Life Elsewhere Compilation

THE BLUES MAGOOS "Life is just a Chair O' Bowlies" from: Electric Comicbook

CHROME "Meet You in the Subway" from: Subterranean Modern Compilation

NATHAN McCOY "Intrinsique" from: Iatrogenics

THE RESIDENTS "Diskomo" from: Diskomo

SPACE INVADERS "Vision of Mars" from: Self Titled

GURU GURU "Medley" from: EP


THE SONICS "Boss Hoss" from: 7"

THE HOMBRES "Let it Out" from: 7"

EGG "A Visit to Newport Hospital" from: The Polite Force

ARZACHEL "Queen Street Gang" from: Metempsychosis

PERE UBU "Heaven" from: Don't Expect Art

MOEBIUS AND PLANK "Missi Cacadou" from: Rastakraut Pasta

THE RED CRAYOLA "Green of My Pants" from: God Bless the Red Crayola and All Who Sail With It

THEATER OF HATE "Incinerator" from: Das Abendprogram

THE FLYING LIZARDS "Tears" from: Top Ten

ARTHUR BROWN "Time Captains" from: Kingdom Come


CHROME "Zombie Warfare" from: Half Machine Lip Moves

CHRISMA "C-Rock" from: Chinese Restaurant

CLUSTER II "Im Suden" from: (same)


THOMAS LEER "Private Plane" from: EP


THROBBING GRISTLE "United" from: The Business Unusual Sampler

**An altered Zarim announces...somewhat...the cuts...**

TRANS MILLENIA CONSORT "Freebasing" from: Plot Zero


RICHARD PINHAUS "Greenland" from: Iceland

That's All Folk's !!!!

JANUARY 29TH, 2003

LAB REPORT "Suction" from: Excision

SASHA "Immortal" from: Airdrawndagger

MICHAEL REDOLPHI "Palm Canyon" from: Mix

NEOTROPIC "Vent" from: Mix

LIDA HUSIK "The March from Mars" from: Your Bag


MATERA "Pure Realism / Non e" from: Same Here

NEUROSUCTION "Zatuu" from: 1st Release

CABARET VOLTAIRE "Partially Submerged / Kneel to the Boss" from: Voice of America

CAN "One More Night" from: Ege Bamyasi


FAUST "Side 1" from: Clear X-Ray Release

ACCESSORY "War of Emotions" from: Caledonian Muse Vol.5


CABARET VOLTAIRE "Invocation" from: 7"

CLOCK DVA "Axiomatic and Heuristic" from: The Hacker

ANDROID LUST "Cruelty" from: Resolution

MUSLIM GAUZE "Bazoft Rope" from: Vote Hezbolah


INTERVAL "O/Paine" from: (Same)

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH "The Calm Beyond/Dusk" from: Beyond The Pale

HELDON "In the Wake of King Fripp / Aphonisis / Omar Diop Blandin" from: Alez Teia

MICHAEL REDOLPHI "From Here to Tranquility" from: The Hawks Comp

MAUVE SIDESHOW "Crumbling Stairs" from: Ventricle Records Comp

TORN CURTAIN "Daymare Pt 3" from: Ventricle Records Comp

THISTLE "Remember" from: Ventricle Records Comp

SCI-FI PARTY (Cosmic Jokers / Ash Ra / Schulze) "Kinder des Als / The Electronic Scene" from: Unser Flug durch die Kosmische Musik (Our Flight through the Cosmic Music)


MOUSE ON MARS "Auto Orchestra / Owai" from: Instrumentals

O YUKI CONJUGATE "Aura / Anima / Odomankoma" from: Primitive

ANGEL PROVACATEUR "Angelwaves" from: Stars Below

TRANS MILLENIA CONSORT "Tenement Stairwell" from: Spectre

KLAUS SCHULZE "Star Dancer - Take 2" from: Body Love - Part 2

TANGERINE DREAM "Nebulous Dawn" from: Zeit

JON HASSELL "Darbari Extension Part2" from: Aka Darbari Java

VANGELIS "Beaubourg Part II" from: Beaubourg


KLAUS SCHULZE "Neuronengesang (Neuron Singing)" from: Cyborg

JANUARY 15TH, 2003

HARMONIUM "Walky-Talky" from: Deluxe


INTERVAL "Radia / Divine Ptysis" from: Debut CD

HELDON "Marie Virginie C" from: A Dream Without Reason


POST NEURO-SUCTION "Linear 2" from: (same)

FAUST "Mysteros Engun" from: The Faust Tapes

GURU GURU "The Girl from Hirschorn" from: Dance of the Flames

CABARET VOLTAIRE "Invocation" from: EP

CLOCK DVA "Axiomatic and Heuristic" from: The Hacker

DEAD CAN DANCE "The Fatal Impact / The Trial" from: Debut LP

MIRANDA SEX GARDEN "Wheel" from: Fairytales of Slavery


RIUICHI SAKAMOTO "Saru To Yuki To Gomi No Kodomo / Kachakuchanee" from: Left Handed Dream

NOT BREATHING "Kundalini Distort" from: Drug Test #1 Anthology

EDGAR FROESE "pa701" from: Macula Transfer

CHRIS AND COSEY "The Gates of Ancient Cities" from: Trance

FUTURE SOUNDS OF LONDON "Spineless Jelly" from: This Is Space

HAWKWIND "Wind of Change" from: The Space Daze Trilogy


RALPH LUNDSTEN "The Neck and the Maid Brought Down" from: Nordisk Natursynfoni "Stromkarlen"

SCORN "Geeked" from: Anamnesis 94-97

TEST DEPT "Current Affairs" from: Terra Firma

PRESSUREHED "Explaining the Unexplained" from: Crash Landing

YAMO "Guiding Ray" from: Area 51 Comp

MOEBIUS AND PLANK "News" from: Rastakraut Pasta

XKP AND MR1 "The Spirit of the Molecule" from: A Tribute to 50 Years of LSD


ASPECTS OF PHYSICS "Pulse Width" from: Debut LP


Celebrating the start of 2003, a special seven hour show !!!

SCORN "Edit Mix" from: Gyral

** Announce **

CHRISMA "C-Rock" from: Chinese Restaurant

HYDRAVION "L'Amour Chartre" from: Stratos Airlines

JERRY GARCIA "Spider Gawd" from: 1st Solo LP

ENO, MOEBIUS, ROEDELIUS, PLANK "Pitch Control" from: Begegnungen

CLUSTER "Live in der Fabrick" from: Cluster II

GURU GURU "Ooga Booga" from: Kanguru

HAWKWIND "Sprit of the Age" from: Quark, Strangeness and Charm

SILVER APPLES "You're Not Fooling Me" from: Contact

REICHMAN WUNDERBAR "Dreams" from: Streetmark

TANGERINE DREAM "Atem" from: Atem


JEFF GREINKE "Rolling Black Cloud" from: Timbral Planes

TRANS MILLENNIA CONSORT "Virgin Ice" from: Spectre

NEU "Wissensee" from: Neu

HELDON "Virgin Swedish Blues" from: Heldon IV



NURSE WITH WOUND "Spooky Loop" from: Foxtrot Compilation

RALPH LUNDSTEN "Cosmic Love" from: Olskog

MATTHEW YOUNG "The Garden of Lilacs" from: Recurring Dreams

KLAUSE SCHULZE "Mirage" from: (same)

MICHAEL REDOLPHI "From Here to Tranquility" from: The Hawks Tapes

ROEDELIUS "Prinzregent" from: Selbstportrait

BEAVER AND KRAUSE "So Long as the Waters Flow" from: In a Wild Sanctuary

CINDYTALK "On Snowmoor" from: The Wind is Strong

THE DURUTTI COLUMN "Zinni" from: Deaux Triangles

THISTLE "Circle Star" from: Debut LP


BERNARD ZJAJNER "Execute" from: Some Deaths Take Forever

AMON DUUL II "Yeti" from: Yeti

SPK "Alocasia Metallica" from: Zamia Lehmania

PETER PRINCIPAL "Ocean" from: Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven

CHRIS AND COSEY "The Giants Feet" from: Trance

CAN "Bellaire Suite" from: Future Days

THE GHOSTWRITERS "Swizzle" from: Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They Appear


TRANS MILLENNIA CONSORT "Mushroom Trip" from: Plot Zero

MOUSE ON MARS "Rompatroullie" from: Instrumentals

JOHN BENDER "36A4" from: I Don't Remember Now

CLOCK DVA "The Hacker" from: (same)

ROBERT HAIGH "Music For Piano" from: The Fight Is On Comp.

YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS "N.I.T.A" from: Collosal Youth

DANIELLE DAX "Pariah" from: Jesus Egg That Wept

THE COCTEAU TWINS "Grail Overfloweth / Garlands" from: Garlands

LIDA HUSIK "The March From Mars" from: Your Bag


DOME "Rolling Upon My Day" from: Dome I


HARRY PARTCH "Oedipus" from: (same)

LADY JUNE "Tunion" from: Linguistic Leprosy

THE WHITE NOISE "Love Without Sound" from: An Electric Storm

YELLO "Homer Hassa" from: Calro Que Si

YO LA TENGO "Saturday" from: EP

BLURT "Gravespit" from: The Audio Comp

DELERIUM "Tundra" from: Stone Tower


EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH "The Calm Before" from: Beyond The Pale

SUBDUB "Oaxaca" from: Incursions Into Illbient


BENE GESSERIT "You Can Dance It" from: Dead Man's Curve Comp.

COIL "Snow" from: The Snow EP

DJ SPOOKY "Into / Phase Interlude" from: Songs of a Dead Dreamer

MOUSE ON MARS "Future Dub" from: Vulvaland

SCORN "Light Trap" from: Evanescence

Ahhhhh....The End !!!!


THE LEMON PIPERS "Green Tamborine" from: (same)

THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND "The Half Remarkable Question" from: We Tam


COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH "Not So Sweet: Martha Lorainne" from: Electric Music For The Mind And Body

GEORGE HARRISON "Skiing and Gat Kirwani / Dreamscene" from: "Wonderwall" film soundtrack

VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR "Into A Game" from: The Soft Grey Aerosol Machine

LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE "Space Hymn" from: (same)

??? "???" from:

SOFT MACHINE "???" from: II


SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET "???" from: Mendicino

SILVER APPLES "Love Fingers" from: Debut LP

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS "Don't Fall Down" from: Debut LP



VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR "White Hammer" from: The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE "???" from: Balaklava

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART "25th Century Quaker" from: Mirror Man

THE ULTIMATE SPINACH "Ego Trip" from: Debut LP

PIERRE HENRY "???" from: Mass For Today

VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR "A Medley of Cuts" from: Many LP's


ELSE POPPING AND HER DIXIELAND BAND "In Polka Du Colonel" from: Delerium in Hi-Fi

JIM LYONS "Do Bad, Yeah" from: How to Raise Children for Sin, Shame, Rebellion and Hell

THE WOZARD OF IZ "Big Sur" from: Debut LP

BRIAN ENO "China, My China" from: Taking Tigar Mountain by Strategy

CYRILLE VERDEAUX "The Key of Enoch" from: Messenger of the Sun

??? "???" from:???

HELDON "Perspective II, III and Interlude; Bass Song" from: Heldon IV

CANDY "Side 2" from: "Candy" film soundtrack

KRAFTWERK "???" from: Debut LP

??? "???" from:

CAN "???" from: Tago Mago

Yes.... Indeed It's Over.....

OCTOBER 16TH, 2002

CLEAR LIGHT "Mr Blue" from: Debut LP

THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS "The Time Has Come Today" from: (same)

HINDI "?" from: (same)

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE "Uncle John" from: Underground

THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK "World on Fire" from: Incence and Peppermint


SUN CITY GIRLS "?" from: 7" Single

TOM LEHRER "Iris Ballad" from: Songs by Tom Lehrer

BUTTHOLE SURFERS "Jimi" from: Nothing Short of Fear Comp.



HYDRAVION "Pasadena Airport" from: Stratos Airlines

HARMONIA "Walky Talky" from: Deluxe

ROXY MUSIC "The Bogus Man" from: For Your Pleasure

THE WHO "Dr Jerkly and Mr Hyde" from: Magic Bus

** Announce **

CAN "The Empress and the Ukraine King" from: Limited Edition

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS "Reverberation" from: Debut LP

THE RED CRAYOLA "Pink Stainless Tail" from: The Parable of Arable land

ARTHUR BROWN'S KINGDOM COME "Time Captains" from: Double LP

TANGERINE DREAM "Cold Smoke" from: Electronic Meditations

SILVER APPLES "Program" from: Debut LP

THE MONKEES "Can You Dig It" from: "Head" movie soundtrack LP

THE PINK FLOYD "Main Theme" from: "More" movie soundtrack LP

YES "Sweetness" from: Debut LP

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES "The Great Banana Hoax" from: Underground

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET "She's About A Mover" from: Mendicino

** Announce **

THE COSMIC JOKERS "Galactic Joke" from: Debut LP

CANDY "It's Always Because of This: A Deformity" from: "Candy" movie soundtrack

LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE "It Comes On Anyhow" from: This is

THE BLUES MAGOOS "Queen of My Nights" from: Psychedelic Lollypop

LOVE MACHINE "Coming Down" from: mix

PERE UBU "Chinese Radiation" from: The Modern Dance

THE RED CRAYOLA "Sherlock Holmes" from: God Bless The Red Crayola

MATCHING MOLE "Gloria Gloom" from: Little Red Record

THE FUGS "Virgin Forest" from: debut LP

HYDRAVION "Le Amour Chartre" from: Stratos Airlines

** Announce **

??? "???" from: ???

THE PINK FLOYD "San Trope" from: Meddle

LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE "Sapce Hymn" from: (same)


THE WHITE NOISE "Your Hidden Dreams" from: An Electric Storm

PERE UBU "???" from: Modern Dance

NEU "Wissensee" from: Debut LP

CAN "Unfinished" from: Soon Over Babaluma



Opens with a medley of Qntal pieces from their 2nd release....

QNTAL !!!!

BLISTERING MOMENTS "777, I Guess" from: Dead Man's Curve Comp

CLUSTER "Sowiesoso" from: (same)

COIL "Snow" from: The Snow Remixes

SPK "Medley" from: Zamia Lamania

BERNARD ZAJNER "Chant Funebre" from: Superficial Music

NURSE WITH WOUND "Beetles Crawl Across My Back" from: (same)

THE TEAR GARDEN from: Tired Eyes Slowly Burning

TRANS MILLENNIA CONSORT "Mushroom Trip" from: Plot Zero

BEAVER & KRAUSE "So Long as the Waters Flow" from: In a Wild Sanctuary

THE WHITE NOISE "The Visitation" from: An Electric Storm

CHRIS CARTER "Soho 3AM" from: Small Moon

SLAP "770" from: Downtime

INTERVAL "Illiac' from: Radia

SMERSH "Herman" from: Dead man's Curve comp.

SECTION 25 "Sakura" (Matrix Mix) from: The Key of Dreams

** Announce **

H3LLB3NT "Sensual Eventual" from: Found Objects comp.

BINAR CODE "Go Blank" from: mix

BIGOD 20 "The Bog" from: The Bog

ANDROID LUST "Heathen" from: Resolution

AND ONE "Panzermensch" from: mix

PIERREPOINT "Xenophop" from: mix

POSITIVE NOISE "Hypnosis" from: mix

PULSE LEGION "Hideaway" from: Evolve

RASPUTINA "Transylvanian Concubine" from: Transylvanian Regurgitation

SCORN "Dreamspace" from: Evanescence

JARBOE "Lavender Girl" from: Sacrificial Cake

MIRANDA SEX GARDEN "Sunshine" from: Suspiria

THISTLE "Circle Star" from: 1st LP