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What is the Alfred Butler Archive?

A collection of tapes of the industrial music variety, recorded during the years 1984 through 1987....of the radio shows of the illustrious Alfred Butler, on KCMU 90.3 FM, in Seattle Washington...Alfred demonstrated a very unique style of segueing musics of an extremely varied and alternative nature, unsurpassed for this time of 1984 through 1987, in the Seattle area.... Music of the likes of African Headcharge, John Zorn, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, The Fall, Slap, The Contructivits, Pere Ubu and many others, were blended together in endless varieties during the typical evening show. This musical barrage, coupled with his own brand of semi-sardonic and 'Burroughsian' sense of wry humor, gave us all a great taste of the cool music's available to us, whilst coursing in the radio ethers of the Pacific Northwest.

The idea here at the Vista Estates Archive Site, is to eventually make available all of the playlists of the various saved shows as a 'time-archive' of the cool music's Al played of this particular era; pre-Berlin wall fall, industro sounds...for radio hosts and archivists of now to......contemplate....See the other archive sites for further references.....

Archives Needed !!!!!

Submit your own recordings of these shows, or others like it to our site; we'll gather playlists and enter them in to the reference segue archives.

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