JULY 14TH, 1986

Side 1


Bogshed Fr/ Step on it W/

**End of "Life Elswhere--With Host-Norman Batley

Into--Alfred's show!

Test Dept. Fr/ The Unnaceptable Face of Freedom W/ 51st State of America

Katura Turana Fr/ Frith Import W/ Annoying Noise

The Fall (ubl card) Fr/ W/ L.A.


** Chris Knab--"Bussiness-on-the-air" Promo Tape

Ministry (site) W/ Crash & Burn

Sonic Youth(search) W/ Expressway to your Skull

Rhythm & Noise W/ Vexe

The Twenty Commitee W/ National Redoubt

Auscult Fr/ ? W/ 2nd cut-side 2


Birdsongs of the Mesozoic (site) Fr/ Beat of the Mesozoic W/ Waterwheel


Delta 5 W/ Now that you've gone


Side 2

Into-Ute Fr/ W/ Confidential

***Announce--Alfred; reads the 'Concert Calender'......"The Crypt Kicker 5 at Squid Row, on Friday..."

Gang of Four Fr/ Another Day, Another Dollar W/ To Hell with Poverty

Four Hundred Blows Fr/ If I Kissed Her, I'd .... W/ Groove Jumping

Diamanda Galas (site) FR/ The Divine Punishment W/ Free Among the Dead

**Announce---Al baby.......More concert info...

The Three Johns Fr/ W/ Death of the European

Ultravox (ubl card) W/ New Europeans

W W/ Hey Johnny!


Flatline W/ Create (Local Band)

Executive Slacks W/ Say it isn't So

George Clinton (site) FR/ R&B Skeletons in the Closet W/ Hey! Good Lookin'


Foetus (site) FR/ Hole W/ Sick Minutes

End---See Tape 2 !!!!


JULY 29TH, 1986

Side 1

(Mugsy's Show) Zazu Bukay Cyi Montigue

Minimal Man Fr/ W/ Fun

Keith Leblanc Fr/ W/ Get This

**Above Not On Tape!

Dif Juz Fr/ Extractions W/ Marooned

**Announce-Scott Teusday Eve W/ Knab "Mr. Bussiness-Man" Ad...

Group 86 W/ Floating

Norman Salant W/ Kayo

King Crimson Fr/ Discipline W/ Fela Hun Agige

Linton Kwazi Johnson Fr/ Making History W/ What About Da Workin' Class

The Chameleons Fr/ W/ Nostalgia (1981)


Eyeless And Gaza Fr/ W/ Catch Me

Applied Science W/ Questions And Answers

Executive Slacks Fr 1st Lp W/ So Mote It Be--Cool-Industro!

Car Sickness Fr/ '81 Release W/ Warriors

The Sound Fr/ In The Hothouse W/ Missles


Helios Creed Fr/ W/ Unhuman Con

John Luray & Arto Lindsey Fr Made To Measure Vol7 W/ The Resurrection Of Albert Ayler


Side 2

Luray Con't

**Announce-Scott-- "Next Caller Please" W/ Dave Rosenkrantz, Promo

Tackhead Fr/ W/ Whats My Mission Now

Hajim Tachiobana Fr/ W/ Ab1013

Genisis P Orridge Fr/ W/ Supermale

King Sunny Ade Fr/ W/ Oro Miro


Blood Uncles Fr/ W/ Mad As You

David Borden Fr/ W/ The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint

The Royal Family & The Poor Fr/ W/ We Love The Moon



Pink Industry? W/ State Of Grace



MARCH 23RD, 1987

Side 1

Hector Zazu Fr/ Revox El Bongo W/ Chief Bingo's Village

El Gruppo Sexo Fr/ W/ Dream 18

**Above Songs Not On Tape!

Into--Skinyard Fr/ W/ Burning The Candle

The Fall Fr/ W/ Bornmouth Runner

**Coca Spot W/?

Kate Bush Fr/ Lionhearted W/ Kaschka From Baghdad


Holger Czukay Fr/ W/ Perfect World

Painted Saints Fr/ W/ Barren Terror

The Subhumans Fr/ Worlds Apart W/ Someone Is Lying

**Announce--Scott Norman Batley-"Positive Vibrations" Promo

Niko & The Faction Fr/ Camera Obscura W/ My Heart Is Empty

Danielle Dax Fr/ W/ Pariah

Non Fr/ W/ Make Red

David Thomas And The Pedestrians Fr/ Talking Book Vol 3-Comp W/ Semiphor

Mad Proffessor Fr/ Womad W/ Fast Forward Into Dub

Lady Smith Black Mombazo Fr/ Enalla W/ (Same)

**Announce--Scott --Announcing Big Black @ The Showbox W/ The U-Men,Etc--3/28

Dead Can Dance Fr/ W/ Avatar


Side 2

Dcd Con't

Rip Rig & Panic Fr/ God W/ Shadows Only There Because Of The Sun

The Royal Family & The Poor Fr/ '86 Release W/ We Love The Moon

**Crazy Kcmu Promo "Go All The Way Out..."

Durrutti Column Fr/ Bread & Circus's W/ Dance 2

**Announce--Scott "Not Neccesarily The Next Big Thing" Promo W/ Damon Creed & Syd Crowley

The Residents Fr/

--Different Version Than On "Industro-Chill Out" Tape Vol 5

**End Scott--Into 4/26/87 Show Of The Kaiser

Chris Cornell Fr/ W/ Forecast

Cocteau Twins Fr/ W/ Blood Bitch

Popular Front Fr/ W/ State To State

**Announce--The Kaiser Knab "Left-Bank Books" Promo. Jarre Background Music For "Arts Calender"

New Order Fr/ 1st Lp W/ Dreams Never End

The Pastels Fr/ W/ Ride

Steve Tibbetts Fr/ W/ A Clear Day & No Memories

The Electric Peace Fr/ Medieval Mosquito W/ Lullaby

**Announce--The Kaiser W/ A Knab "Station Manager" Thank You For Pledging At The Last Fund-Raiser



5/29/86 & 7/23/86

Side 1

Material Fr/ Memory Serves W/ Conform To The Rythem

The Flippin' Nazi's Fr/ Guantanamerica W/ Woodstock '85

Au Pairs Fr/ W/ Fiasco

**Above Songs On Previous Tape?

Riuichi Sakamoto Fr/ Left Handed Dream W/ Slat Dance


Helios Creed Fr/ X-Rated Fairy Tales W/ Mystery Woman


Tom-Tom Club?



**End--Into Mugsy's Show Prior To Scott's

Shock-Headed Peters Fr/ Always Be Waiting W/ (Same)

Three Johns Fr/ World By Storm W/ (Same)

**Announce--Mugsy--End Of His Show-Into Pete Richardson, Scott's Sub

Half-Man Half Biscuit Fr/ W/ Seal Clubbin'

Bird Songs Of The Mesozoic Fr/ W/ Beat Of The Mesozoic

The Virgin Prunes Fr/ W/ Jiggasum Alamad


The Laughing Soupdish Fr/ W/ Teenage Limabean

The Wipers Fr/ Be Sorry W/ Land Of The Lost

Fr/ Big Sexyland W/ Union Carbide (Bhopal Ver)


Side 2

**Announce--Pete "...Another Boring Thursday Night..." Life Elsewhere Promo

African Bombata Fr/ W/ Timezone With The Wildstyle

Cabaret Voltaire Fr/ W/ James Brown

Hurrah Fr/ W/ Food Of Thought


The Stooges Fr/ 1970 W/ Loose

Soup Dragons Fr/ 12" W/ I Know Everything

**Lee From Sonic Youth--W/ Kcmu Promo

Sonic Youth Fr/ Starpower W/ Bubblegum

The Suicide Twins Fr/ W/ Sweet Pretending

Pure Joy Fr/ W/ The Attempt

**Announce--Pete--Phantom Tollbooth Concert At The Rainbow

Vic Goddard Fr/ Trouble W/ Stop That Girl

John Lee Hooker

Bushido Fr/ You Can Walk On The Waters W/ Sayanara


Roger Miller Fr/ W/ King Of The Road

The Wayfarers Fr/ Worlds Fair W/ King Clark & Hillsdale

The The Fr/ W/ Bird Of Paradise

**Announce--Pete-"Next Caller Please" W/ Dave Rosenkrantz, Promo



MAY 15TH, 1986

Side 1

Kcmu Promo--"You Want To Support Don't You?"

Souxie & The Banshee's Fr/ Dear Prudence 7" W/ Tatoo

The Raincoats W/ You're A Million

Killing Joke W/ Harlequin

Love & Rockets W/ Haunted When The Minutes Drag


The Buzzcocks Fr/ Music In A Different Kitchen W/ Moving Away To The Pulse Beat

This Sultry Day W/ Hearts On Fire

Luke Van Acker W/ Keep Talking


Pink Industry W/ Empty Beach

Personal Effects W/ Mason-Cool

Brilliant W/ It's A Man's, Man's Man's World

David Thomas And The Pedestrians W/ Bicycle

Anne Bigell W/ Intermission; The Gods Are Bored

Sudden Afternoon Fr/ Dancing Shadows W/ Acid Rain


Side 2

Sa. Con't

**Announce--Scott Life Elsewhere Promo

Construktivits Fr/ Could You Walk On The Waters (Comp) W/ Smack

Bolshoi W/ By The River-Cool

Thw Wooden Tops W/ A Special Friend

The Virgin Prunes Fr/ Over The Rainbow (Comp) W/ The Happy Dead

**Announce--Scott--1:46 Am


King Sunny Ade

**Kcmu "Laughing" Promo



The Jacobites W/ Where The Rivers End

David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir

**Announce Debbie Letterman W/ A "Drugs Can Spoil Yer' Vacation" Spot

Red Scare




Side 1

Jon Zorn Fr/

**Announce--Scott W/ A Big Rap About Supporting The New "Signal Improvement Project"

The Residents Fr/ Stars And Hank Forever

Harold Budd & The Cocteau Twins Fr/ The Moon & The Melodys W/ The Ghost Has No Home


The Twinkle Brothers Fr/ Kilomanjaro W/ Zulu Dawn

Abcerrus Fr/ Sato

Watt Id

The Isolations

The Brigade Fr/ W/

The Golden Palominos Fr/ W/ Something Else Is Working Harder

The Chameleons Fr/ Strange Tunes W/ Uk?


African Headcharge Fr/ W/

Coca Art Piece



4:19PM 12/26/95




APRIL 24TH, 1986

Side 1

Bob Marley Fr/ Lee Perry's 'The Best' Lp W/ Dubby Conquerer

Eugene Chadbourne Fr/ Country Protests W/ Perverts On Northridge

Esg W/ My Love For You

**Above Songs Not On Tape!

Into-Renaldo & The Loaf Fr/ Arab Yodeling W/ Nelda Danced At Daybreak

Room Nine W/ Angels Sing

**Announce--Al Telling Of A Snakefinger Concert Teusday May 6th, At The Rainbow + Much, Much More!

The Buzzcocks W/ Walking Distance

Coca -Sonic Art Spot--"F#@! Ethiopia"-Tooth Collector

**Al Does The Concert Calender

Laibach Fr/ Die Liebe


Coil W/ Panic

Jeff Grienke Fr/ Cities In Fog W/

**Announce-Al--W/ Phillip Glass Lp Giveaway--"What Musical School Of Thought Is Mr. Glass Associated With?"-(This Took A While!)

Edgar Ka Spel Fr/ Chayk China Doll W/ Lisa's Chistening

Phillip Glass Fr/ North Star W/

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