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Psychedelic Moods: A Mind Expanding Phenomena by the Deep - 1966

Psychedelic moods: a mind expanding phenomena by the deep was recorded in august 1966, released on Cameo Parkway in 1966, and then re-released in 1993 on Collectables Records - the album's history is very interesting - it was recorded in philadelphia in a pitch black studio in the middle of the night while the band was most likely on LSD - with that in mind the album is truly amazing - the songs actually remain coherent and some are actually rather good - the lyrics, of course, are about nothing other than acid, and they involve lots of colors - rusty evans' vocals leave a lot to be desired, they tend to get under your skin after awhile, and the trebly recording doesn't help matters much either - yet, the song writing can be very catchy (check out 'it's all a part of me' which resembles donovan's 'there is a mountain', and also check out 'trip #76') and can sometimes take you off-guard - the instruments are conventional for 1966 and include drums, guitar, bass, and hammond organ - i guess i like it because of all of the "wows" and "oh yeahs" that rusty evans throws in - so yeah, that's all i can say about this one, remember to watch out for the psychedelic moon!

Thanks to Frode Jacobson for his corrections

reviewed by matthew jay van dyke

Song Order:
1. color dream
2. pink ether
3. when rain is black
4. it's all a part of me
5. turned on
6. psychedelic moon
7. your choice to choose
8. crystal nite
9. trip #76
10. wake up and find me
11. shadows on the wall
12. on off - off on
13. your choice to choose (studio takes #1-4)
14. psychedelic moon (studio take #1)

The Deep is on Cicadelic Records which is distributed by Collectables Records - you can contact them at:

Collectables Records
PO Box 35
Narberth, PA 19072

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